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Watch Dr Ray Greek deliver current science at the EU Parliament on Monday 11th May

It was a privilege attending the EU Parliamentary hearing on Monday 11th May, to listen to Dr Ray Greek present current scientific understanding as the expert engaged to represent the Citizens Initiative (CI)  Stop Vivisection to Save Human Lives – created by over a million EU citizens. Andre Menache is the UK representative for the CI and delivered a highly focused presentation which hit some key nails right on the head.

You can listen to Drs Greek and Menache presenting evidence below:

Please visit this link for the EU Parliament’s full video of the hearing on May 11th. To listen to Dr Greek scroll forward to 44 minutes and then again to 1 hour hour and 23 mins. To listen to Andre Menache scroll forward to 1 hour and 27 mins and then again to exactly 3 hours, where he is given the last word for the day’s proceedings.

You will hear in the presentation that the CI recognizes that scientific positions expressed by both sides can be regarded as ‘claims’ until proven true or false. The CI concluded that their next step must be a call for a thorough public medical debate hearing, which can enable scientific scrutiny at the most detailed level by independent scientific experts who are qualified to assess which side is telling the truth. This call for properly moderated, public scientific debate is supported by 83 members of the last UK Parliament who signed EDMs 22 and 263 and the debate’s conditions have been endorsed by Britain’s foremost human rights defence barrister Michael Mansfield QC.

Please SIGN and SHARE our petition to send your letter directly to scientists from the animal experimentation community, asking them to agree to participate in this important “next step” thorough medical hearing: Animal Experimenters: Justify Your Science Claims!