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ERROR printed in a letter to the Daily Telegraph on the X-CAPE website, 2003

There is a error on the X-CAPE website which represented the Cambridge Inquiry, at which Europeans For Medical Advancement (EFMA’s) president Ray Greek MD defeated a proposed primate lab at Cambridge University in 2003, with a precedent ruling on ‘national interest, medical and scientific grounds’. The error comes in the form of a letter to the Daily Telegraph stating that Jerry Vlasak represented EFMA at this event – this is not true. Jerry Vlasak has never sat on the board of Europeans for Medical Advancement. The correct link for Jerry Vlasak at the Cambridge Inquiry, on that X-CAPE website is here, (scroll down to ‘Speakers’) where Vlasak is correctly described as representing ‘Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’. The only representative for EFMA at the Cambridge Inquiry hearing was EFMA’s President Ray Greek MD who acted as the hearing’s chief scientific witness.

It should also be clearly noted that AFMA and EFMA are purely scientific organisations and as such hold no position about the suffering of laboratory animals.

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