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TEMPLATE LETTER if you receive a misleading, standard response from your MP  about EDM 373

The new initiative (not yet a year old!) Patients Campaigning For Cures is highlighted in Parliamentary EDM 373, and has drafted a template response for you to send your MP if you receive a misleading standard letter refusing to sign the EDM. Please visit this link to access the template response and quickly cut and paste it back to your MP.

The EDM calls for properly moderated, public scientific debate about the misleading claims that results from animal experiments can ‘predict’ the responses of human patients – vivisection activists should agree to the EDM’s called for debate to prove us wrong, otherwise they look like they have something to hide. The debate conditions protect everyone – endorsed by Britain’s foremost human rights defence barrister Michael Mansfield QC, they are rigorous and fair – unless you want to avoid this uninterrupted scientific spotlight and hide in your animal lab.

To ask your MP to sign the EDM, please click on the image below to type in your post code and go from there!

EDM 373 image for FB launch