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Watch The Science Lecture

This lecture at Toronto University is an excellent way to gain a grasp of FLOE’s illustration of up-to-date scientific principles, that demonstrate why our companion animals are not capable of predicting responses for us. It underlines, in no uncertain terms, why the medicines which treat our family member animals are clearly labelled “keep away from children”.

This lecture is also a tremendous wake-up call to the reality of a deeply flawed, antiquated system that is now challenged by current scientific knowledge.

Compelling and entertaining, watching this film is a great introduction to the science that governs this aspect of our health, and the lecture is delivered by co-author of Animal Models in Light of Evolution, Ray Greek MD.

Dr. Ray Greek – “Animal, Science, & Research” at the University of Toronto – Sept. 19th, 2011 from decipher films on Vimeo.

Personalised Medicine

Personalised Medicine is the hallmark of our 21st century, an incredibly exciting field in which treatments are being designed specifically for you and you alone – for your unique genetic makeup. Today scientists understand that even identical twins can differ entirely in diseases and treatment requirements. This makes an absolute nonsense of any animal model.

The persistent use of animal testing is holding back advances in personalized medicine by taking the lions share of resources – both financial and manpower – precious, finite resources for medical research which would otherwise focus entirely on targeting treatments that are tailor-made for individual patients who need help now!

The peer reviewed journal Future Medicine has published an article about what this persistent use of animal models means: Animal Models in an Age of Personalised Medicine 

To learn more about sophisticated human-relevant technologies available now please visit  Patients Campaigning For Cures.