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The best way to get an immediate grasp of the concepts presented by FOR LIFE ON EARTH is to read the books, brochures and leaflets that illustrate our science.

Animal Models in Light of Evolution is a science book written at an advanced level for the highly trained scientist or medical specialist.

Thankfully the authors have written an excellent layman’s version of this work: an FAQS book in every-day language, published especially for the non-scientist. This book outlines all the main scientific concepts which carefully explain how science now understands why animal experiments fail as predictive models of humans.  Please visit the link to buy this insightful FAQS book:

For the full resources at AFMA/EFMA, the medical Board which illustrates our evidence, please visit this link, where you’ll find 5 books on the human cost of experiments on animals and 20 papers published in the peer reviewed scientific literature.

Click here to read referenced quotes from the pharmaceutical industry, who acknowledge the failings of animal experiments in their drug development process and write about this often and openly in the scientific literature.