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Platinum selling singer Rumer gives us fantastic coverage in best selling dog magazines!

Well, what a week it’s been! Platinum-selling singer songwriter Rumer has given us front page news coverage in three of the UK’s best selling dog magazines! Enjoy Rumer’s articles about Parliamentary EDM 400 and MPs calling for the crucial science debate hearing in Dogs Monthly and Dog World And then enjoy Rumer’s fabulous interview about her wonderful dog Alfie, and why she’s supporting FLOE’s vital science campaign in best selling K9 Magazine!

And to say thank you Rumer, and thank you to all our wonderful supporters over the years, simply sit back and listen to Rumer on BBC Radio London today, as she sings live with her wonderful pianist husband Rob Shirakbari, and then talks about her album launch concert for FLOE, in Yorkshire tomorrow night. This concert will spotlight the urgent need for our science hearing to STOP experiments on innocent Beagles, and other animals, who are now proven to be simply incapable of predicting the responses of human patients.