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NOT TO BE MISSED! Supreme & accesible new science lecture at UBC

This is an extraordinary demonstration of complexity science experts exposing the fraud which is animal experimentation. Equip yourselves with these accessible arguments to understand how animal modelers are breaking every science rule in the book.

Animal experimenters are treating animals and humans as simple systems – when in truth animals and humans are examples of living complex systems.

Animal modelers base their crude experiments on reductionism, which is now proven not to apply to complex systems – and that is why animals experiments have a failure rate of 90 – 95%.


We’re all keeping up vital pressure on animal modelers by asking them to take part in the rigorous public scientific debate, called for by MPs signing Parliamentary EDM 66. This debate will be judged by independent experts – and its outcome will end the funding of cruel and unscientific animal experiments.

To ask your MP to sign EDM 66 simply type in your post code at this link.