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New BBC Radio interview: platinum-selling singer Rumer highlights MPs’ call for the urgently required science hearing to end animal experiments

Thank you Rumer so much for this great BBC radio interview today, (starting at 17.18.00) and for dedicating your album launch concert tonight to exposing the urgent need for a scientist, representing B&K Universal, to agree to the science debate hearing called for by 130 MPs – and climbing – who have signed four Early Day Motions to this effect, and who are currently signing Parliamentary EDM 400.


During today’s radio interview our media spokesperson Alex Irving was asked if FLOE is a registered charity, and to keep the interview on track Alex did not take up precious air time with the complicated Charity Commission laws which forbid us – as a registered charity – from campaigning politically. When FLOE was founded in 2012, we researched the option of becoming a registered charity, but quickly understood that charities are not allow to campaign to change Government policy. This would be utterly hopeless in today’s climate, if you are serious about ending experiments on Beagles and other animals.

FLOE are a Limited Company with a director, and our science is illustrated by the leading medical Board in its field, whose experts defeated the Cambridge primate laboratory in 2003, with a precedent ruling ‘national interest medical and scientific grounds’. For more on that medical decision please visit this link.