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Mark Miodownik

Vivisection activist Mark Miodownik chose BBC’s Any Questions, 24th August, to ride on the back of the brutal badger cull and promote invalid science about animal experiments. Additionally, he denied the most recent Home Office stats when he said the numbers of animals used in experiments are reduced every year! We need to be vigilant about additional vested interests taking advantage of the current focus on badgers to mislead the public about up-to-date scientific knowledge, best illustrated by the seminal work Animal Models in Light of Evolution (2009) Shanks PhD and Greek MD.

Parliamentary EDM 263 calls for scientists who continue to promote experiments on animals – as able to predict human responses – to agree to participate in public scientific debates with the leading medical experts against experiments on animals, the scientists who illustrate the EDM’s evidence.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b038jl16  – fast forward to 27 minutes

Mark Miodownick: as he spoke, live on air:

“Um, I work as a scientist an engineer with lots and lots of people who do research on animals – using animals, they kill animals to find out things that – in the end – will benefit humans. Um, and this is no..this is a serious matter this is not..anyone’s… anything’s proud of, but we can’t work out any other way of tackling really difficult diseases and making human life better. Every year we’re under pressure to reduce the number of animals that are killed in scientific research and every year that is done. And it’s weird to be in that environment and then hear that we’re going to be going out into the countryside and kill badgers in an area for..obviously to save some cattle, but the thing is it just, it seems to me to be very odd because on the one hand we’re piece by piece, rabbit by rabbit mouse by mouse, trying to reduce very carefully the minimum number of experiments we do in labs and then we go out with guns and kill badgers; now it just doesn’t make any sense to me especially when you look at the data, the data don’t show that this culling particularly going…I mean if it was going to be 100% save these cattle you might be persuaded, but you look at the data and you’re not persuaded, in fact the reduction, the effectiveness of this method doesn’t seem clear at all to me”.