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Landmark medical radio interview, exposing shocking acceptance of harmful 19th century science

Talk Radio Europe (TRE) is currently leading the media discussion about animal testing. TRE’s Pippa Jones interviewed expert medical doctor Ray GreekĀ for his response to her interview with primate experimenter Prof. Roger Lemon, 15th September. During that interview, Prof. Lemon criticised Drs Greek, Jane Goodall and Sir David Attenborough for taking a stand against primate experiments.

Dr Greek’s interview marks a turning point in this discussion as it shines a clear spotlight on the now proven disgrace of animal modellers, who continue to use outdated 19th century science which also causes harm and fatalities to human patients.

Listen to the interview here:


122 MPs have – to date – signed 4 Parliamentary Early Day Motions, calling for a properly moderated public science hearing on the claims that animal models can ‘predict the responses of human patients’. Ask your MP to join them and sign the current EDM 400! Simply type in your postcode and send your MP a letter today, or click the image below: