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BBC and ITV News Coverage

BBC and ITV news cover local campaigners in Hull who start their local outreach call for properly moderated, public scientific debates versus scientists who represent B&K Universal’s plans to breed Beagles for vivisection experiments, claimed as able to ‘predict’ human responses for human medicine. Read the Hull Local’s statement addressing B&K’s false claims on ITV here

Fully referenced science blog,  written by leading medical expert,  supporting Parliamentary EDM 263 and MPs call for public scientific debates.

Animal Research Vs Animal Experimentation  (context for the use of the word “research” is further illustrated here )

No Excuse

Animal Models and Ethnicities

The Complexity of Genetic Composition

0.004 Percent

Two Essays Same Nonsense

More Propaganda From Animal Modelers

Tears Over Sandy And Italy

Humans Are Not Flies

Honesty in Academia

Similar Does Not Mean Predictive 

Lovell-Badge asks the reader to accept claims about human safety without offering evidence

Anti-Science, Anti-Reason and Anti-Human!

Vivisection activist, Tom Holder, shown up by scientists, both in and out of Pharma

Nonsense From The NAIA

Death Knell for Mouse Research? No Way! – New York Times agrees with FLOE’s position

Monkeys Are Still Not Human – why we don’t go to monkey veterinarians when we are ill.

Update on Publications by Greek et al

New Drugs and Animal testing part II 

New Drugs and Animal Testing

Real Science

Heuristic Is Not Prediction

The Importance of Initial Conditions

Pigs as Humans

Senior Research Scientists are Speaking Out

The Predictive Value of Preclinical Research Read More

Addressing More Misrepresentations and Fallacies parts IV and V both a must read!

Addressing Misrepresentations and Fallacies parts onepart two which addresses the intact system argument – and part three, which includes further insights in how to evaluate claims made by vivisection activists.

Predicting Responses in Complex Systems

EXCELLENT, 2 part example of how to evaluate scientific claims

Book Review Published

Evolutionary Medicine with a Twist – a must read!

New Article in “Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling”

There is Consensus on Prediction

More Spin and A Little Honesty  and why Gorski et al refuse to defend their position in public

But the Law Says We Must Use Animals

More Data Confirms Medically Relevant Species Differences

Animal modellers state: “animal models…are invaluable…however often fail to translate into clinical settings” –  in the same sentence! (Emphasis added).

More “alternatives” distract from the pressing need to DROP the method that doesn’t work!

Applying Critical Thinking is Key when Evaluating a Scientific Claim: Read More

24th July: Evaluating press reports about sewing kittens’ eyes shut to benefit humanity

Debating is the foundation of a healthy society 

Below are further science blogs related to the topic HOW TO EVALUATE SCIENTIFIC CLAIMS. FLOE invites you to choose a heading:

How to Evaluate Examples of Press Reporting on Primate Vivisection: Read More

Misrepresentation from the Vested Interest Groups and an Additional Article

Examining a Typical Puff Piece from the Vested Interest Groups

How to Examine More Claims by Vivisection Activists: Read More  and More Unfounded Claims

Understanding This as a Business Enterprise

Examining Prediction Claims versus Prediction Facts

Examples of Promises and Propaganda from Animal Modelers 

Examining Claims Made by Leading American Vivisection Activist Dario Ringach

Why Debate When You Can Publish Unopposed Nonsense?

Anecdotes and Animal Models

SUMMARYThree Things