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AFMA and EFMA have a track record of success in the UK

The medical experts at AFMA/EFMA have a track record of success in the UK 

Background: EFMA is the European branch of AFMAAmericans for Medical Advancement; (please note both AFMA and EFMA have a new website under construction).

Having given many BBC radio and television interviews, EFMA become the chief scientific witness for an historic animal protection coalition in 2002/2003, formed to oppose one of the UK’s most high profile planning applications by Cambridge University, to build a new non-human primate laboratory. Cambridge University wanted to build their new primate lab on Green Belt land, and therefore had to attempt to prove that experimenting on non-human primates was scientifically and medically in the ‘national interest’. After a two week inquiry in which EFMA submitted a written Proof of Evidence, in addition to a five hour oral witness testimony from Ray Greek MD, EFMA defeated Cambridge University’s planning application to build this lab, the Government Inspector ruling:On the basis of the technical input, therefore, I could not conclude that need in the national interest is demonstrated insofar as this pertains to the scientific/medical research and procedures undertaken by the University’.