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We’re Overbrimming with Pride as Peter Egan Becomes FLOE’s Patron

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the acclaimed actor Peter Egan, pictured here, has become FLOE’s Patron. Says Mr Egan: “I am delighted to become Patron of the science-based campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE), whose medical evidence is illustrated by the leading scientific Board in its field: Americans and Europeans for Medical Advancement (AFMA/EFMA). If, like me, you are shocked by the appalling cruelty animals are forced to endure in laboratory experiments – and you want to end all animal experiments – you will agree that understanding the fact that these atrocities are now proven, by current science, to also harm human patients is vital in the campaign to counter false PR. Please join me in helping to support FLOE’s call for thorough medical debate hearings, so that decision-makers can act on this crucial medical evidence, end intolerable cruelty towards animals and save lives!”

FLOE's Patron Peter Egan

Mr Egan has been supporting us for some time now, helping to promote FLOE’s recent BBC radio interview and recommending our recent document addressing Tom Holder’s false claims about medical science. Mr Egan’s quick acknowledgement of AFMA/EFMA is hugely valued; their president, Dr Ray Greek’s, scientific brilliance served as the centre piece at the EU Parliament hearing on May 11th.

Mr Egan’s inaugural statement as FLOE’s Patron highlights our call for thorough medical debate hearings: vivisection activists have never agreed to face their scientific opposition in debates with rigorous conditions endorsed by Michael Mansfield QC, including independent judges from the scientific community. This cowardly stalling of debate can be overturned: we’ve tabled two EDMs to this effect which were signed by 83 MPs prior to the general election, and our petition arrives in the in box of scientists from the animal experimentation community, demanding that they agree to participate in this hearing. Please SIGN and SHARE the petition widely!