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Our Patron Peter Egan leads a new action for #EDM373

We’re delighted that Peter Egan is leading the new action for #EDM373, it’s a brand new letter for your MP, written in partnership with Oppose B&K Universal, the original local residents – turned national! – who’ve been fighting B&K’s planning application to extend their Beagle farm for 5 years.

It is totally unacceptable that Greg Clark MP has gone against the wishes of the majority to now allow B&K Universal to create a living hell for dogs that should be running free. Our new action for #EDM373 goes right to the heart of the matter: dogs are now proven to be incapable of predicting the responses of human patients, and this medical evidence defeated plans to build a primate lab in 2002.

Please click on the image below to send your MP a new letter asking him/her to support the EDM’s fair public debate.

TUESDAY 12TH CHOSEN IMAGE FOR 2nd iParl phase on Oppose B&K's FB

And please consider donating to help our campaign, we are a non-profit and all proceeds go directly to help FLOE’s outreach.