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Parliamentary EDM 22 welcomes two new MPs

Parliamentary EDM 22 welcomes Ian Mearns MP and John Pugh MP to its growing signatories who are calling for scientists from the animal experimentation community to agree to properly moderated, public scientific debate about the claim that experiments on animals are capable of predicting the responses of human patients, and thereby ‘essential’ in finding new treatments for debilitating human illnesses. Such a debate would address false scientific claims which fan the flames of the 3Rs which merely call for a ‘reduction’ of animal numbers. Merely calling for a reduction in animal numbers ignores current understanding of evolutionary biology, current medical knowledge as defined by a recent paper published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine well as the many millions upon millions of animals who would be left over in the labs, after the numbers had merely been ‘reduced’. In 2003, EFMA  defeated a primate lab on grounds of current understanding of evolutionary biology – there was no need to reduce the numbers of primates experimented there because the primate lab wasn’t built.

Significantly, Britain’s leading human rights barrister Michael Mansfield QC picture below, has endorsed the debate conditions for this EDM.

Please help your MP add his or her voice to this important call to hold animal experimenters to public scientific account. VISIT OUR EDM 22 FACEBOOK PAGE where you’ll find everything you need to quickly write to your MP, so they can help this blazing light call for open PUBLIC dialogue!!

Photo: Human rights barrister, Michael Mansfield QC