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Delighted to welcome Stephen Gilbert MP to EDM 22

We are delighted to welcome a new MP to EDM 22. Liberal Democrat Stephen Gilbert MP has signed the EDM to help hold the animal experimentation community’s ‘Concordat On Openness on Animal Research’ to account by calling for properly moderated public scientific debates about the claim that animals can ‘predict’ responses of human patients, and thereby allegedly ‘save human lives’. The PR organisation for the animal experimentation community ‘Understanding Animal Research’ has publicly agreed to a debate, but has not yet submitted the name of their scientist who will debate the president of AFMA/EFMA Dr Ray Greek. The debate conditions for this groundbreaking event have been endorsed by Britain’s foremost human rights defence lawyer Michael Mansfield QC. The debate will allow up-to-date scientific evidence – which entirely invalidates animal experiments for human patients – to be heard by our Government and the public.

For basic research – which is curiosity driven and makes no claim to predict human responses – the medical Board which illustrates the EDM’s evidence has published the most thorough critique entitled Is the use of sentient animals in basic research justifiable? Greek MD and Greek DVM.  This paper highlights a turning point statistic from Crowley, which comments on conclusions drawn by a study published in 2003 in the American Journal of Medicine. This study quantified the translation rate of basic research, hyped as ‘highly promising,  into actual human applications. The study searched all the articles published in the following journals between 1979 and 1983, that’s a total of 25,000 articles published in: Nature, Cell, Science, The Journal of Biological Chemistry the Journal of Clinical Investigation and The Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Crowley concluded:

Of the 25,000 searched only one – that’s 0.004% – led to the development of a clinically useful class of drugs (angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors) in the 30 years following their publication of the basic research finding.

And that clinically useful class of drug was as a result of a non-animal basic research experimentPLEASE ASK YOUR MP TO SIGN EDM 22 and help speed up the recognition that all animal experiments fail humans.

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Photo: Michael Mansfield QC, Britain’s foremost human rights defence barrister has endorsed the debate conditions for EDM 22.