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Category Archives: How to Evaluate Scientific Claims

Martina Navratilova supports science-based medical research

Something for Roland Garros week at the French Open. Tennis legend Martina Navratilova wrote an endorsement for the first medical book ‘Sacred Cows and Golden Geese’, published in 2000 by AFMA/EFMA, the scientific Board which illustrates our evidence. Martina Navratilova wrote: … Continue reading

EFMA defeated a primate lab at Cambridge University – read about this track record of success

EFMA is the European branch of AFMA – Americans for Medical Advancement – and both organisations illustrate the scientific case for FLOE. In December 2002 EFMA acted as chief scientific witness for an historic animal protection coalition in the UK, … Continue reading

The Nine Main Accepted Ways Animals are Used in Science

Science and Morality Science as such is never about any moral issue, including animal welfare. Science addresses objective factual evidence solely. FLOE’s illustration of scientific knowledge supports seven of the nine main ways animals are used in science: categories 3-9 on the following list are viable uses of … Continue reading