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An amazing giant Beagle is touring the UK, raising money for human-relevant cancer research!

A wonderful giant Beagle has started his inaugural tour of the UK, raising money for human-relevant cancer research conducted by Cancer Research Wales.

This is a giant dog you can’t miss! It’s inspirational to keep track of his tour, he’s been to Manchester United football ground, appeared on the BBC walking across Humber Bridge and yesterday he met the television stars of Hollyoaks!

Keep in touch with the Big Beagle’s tour at his facebook page, his twitter and please donate via his Just Giving page, to help fund the extraordinary work being carried our by Cancer Research Wales: personalized medical research for individual patients (not mice) at its best.

Visit the Big Beagle’s website to learn about the sophisticated human-based technologies he’s helping to promote, which avoid the harm caused to human patients by misleading veterinary principles.

The BB at Hollyoaks